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Sir Caleom, of Golden Plains.

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Caleom joined Amtgard in the Golden Plains in October 1989. He later moved to Emerald Hills for several years, moving back to the Golden Plains in 1995. While in Emerald Hills he was a member of The Sable Pride company with Sir Nevron and Dame Selka. He started a second Amtgard group in Amarillo, TX called The Shadowlands, that was successful for only a few months. By the end of the decade, Sir Caleom left the Amtgard realms.

Affiliated Groups

Green Dragons

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Sir Nevron Dreadstar

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More Information

An "old time knight" from Golden Plains, involved in a memorable incident at Clan some years back.

As related by Michael Hammer of God:

At Clan many years ago, there was a stabbing. One knight stabbed another. Obviously if there was anything like a code of conduct, this would be pretty far outside it. Back then I had only been a knight less than a year and I was the only knight among my friends and close associates. We had an impromptu knights circle the next morning. Since the majority of knights back then were from the BL, as were both stabber and stabee, the BL GMK ran the meeting. The only topic was could we remove belts? Not should we but could we We went round and round with many saying we should remove belts from both. Apparently the stabee started the fisticuffs. Those who were rules minded believed we had no legal right to and the stabber and stabee refused to take off their belts.

In the end, there was something we could do that day. Kaelom (Caleom) who was an old time knight from GP got his chance to speak and he said that if we couldn’t remove their belts, then at least we didn’t need to share with them. He then tossed his knights chain on the ground in the middle of the circle and walked away. Each and every knight there proceeded to do the same. It was a relatively moving result. I walked back to my squires and told them to take off their belts too. I apologized to them but explained as best I could.

About 30 minutes later, the stabber came to me with an armload of belts. He requested that I take mine back and explained that he was dropping his and hoped that we all would take ours back. Does that story demonstrate what is right about knighthood or what is wrong about it? I guess that depends on where you stand on the issue as a whole but to me it showed more right than wrong. I like to think that the knights of today would handle such an issue at least as well.

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