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A former chapter of Confederacy of Dreadmoor in the Kingdom the Emerald Hills, located in Bartlesville, OK.




Caledonia was founded in 2010 by Magni and Nor.

"We had what we called, The Pee Wee League, which consisted of nearly 15-20 kids under 14 who fought with each other and occasionally the group. Essentially, it was a free daycare for a few hours. We raised 6 or 7 to legal Amtgard age from that group. It was really fun having the full group fight only Nor, Monjurac, and I."-Magni

This group went inactive in 2012.

In the summer of 2014, former members of Caledonia have picked up sticks and considered reforming this group.


Contacts and Directions

This Group is not currently active.

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