Bruff "Barnacle" Lingel

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Bruff Barnacle Lingel, of The River's End Desert Winds

" Don't touch the Hat"
" No Hat, No Pirate"

Heraldry is Argent a trident fesswise to sinister gules, on a mountain of three peaks one greater two lesser sable three barrulets wavy tenne or and gules


Bruff resides in the River's End in the Kingdom of the Desert Winds. he started playing Amtgard in 2011 after stumbling upon it completely by accident and spending an interesting night with Loup. Originally from WA where he participated in pirate re-enactment and rebated steel sword fighting, it took him sometime to kick his bad telegraphing habits (as if he's kicked them yet).

He enjoys bardic and will always be found where good song and good company can be found.

Affiliated Groups

B.O.M.B Brotherhood of Mercenary Brigands

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

X- Ducal Champion Rivers End Winter Reign 2013

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