Bremen's Fortress

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Amtgard Chapter
Bremen's Fortress
The Kingdom of Westmarch
Status Shire
City Placentia, California
Park Kraemer memorial park
Meets on Saturday 2 pm
Founded 2015
Active Yes


Bremen's Fortress was formed by a group of Belegarth fighters that wished to play Amtgard. We started to have pratices across from the apartment complex that most of us lived in. After a time, we added more and more fighter, eventually adding Amtgard specific players. We made a shire. Named it Bremen's Fortress.

Was officially voted in as a sponsored land of Westmarch in May 2015.


Current Officers

Past Officers

Officers Sheriff Regent Champion Prime Minister GM Reeves Heir Apparent
Spring 2022 Lord Lothar Bloodeye Lord Tanis Durand Karps Nerokos Vacant Vacant

Other Positions

  • Lore Master: Reverend Forsaken

Contacts and Directions

Kraemer Memeroial park, 400 S Chapman Ave Placentia Ca 92870

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 2 PM

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