Boy King

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"It's the boy king!" Patrick Stewart as Leodegrance in Excalibur, 1981

Shouted while defending his castle seeing the newly made king ride up to save the day.

The term in Amtgard has different meaning. It was coined shortly after the coronation of King Gilos I of the Burning Lands. The term was carried over as the kingdom had a streak of young and inexperienced monarchs: Naes, Ahira, Delion, Talinor and Terarin.

The term Boy King not only refers to one's age but also to the fact the latter boy kings would politic and speak from the heart unlike their older monarchical models. More contemporaries of the term would include: Raphael, Verana, Vinall, and Jeremiah.

Commonly if you say Boy King most of the amt-community immediately associate the term with Raphael