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Boris Remshard, of Autumn Grove a Barony of Rising Winds

  • "NO! You don't meet Boris! BORIS MEETS YOU! You HEAR Boris, you HEAR Of Boris, But you NEVER MEET BORIS"
  • ".... I missed the battle....."


Was brought into the game, Summer 2010, when a group of Amtgarders were shooting a video, and he volunteered to be beaten by them, in midst of the park. It was meant to be.

The Lowdown/Stats on Boris

Name: Boris

Type: Usagi-Jin

Race: Oni/Lepus

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 260lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Gender: Male

Profession: Scavenger, Nomad, Entertainer, Mercenary

Hobbies: Songs and stories, Fighting, dancing, thinking of new things(ambiguous)

Alignment: Lawful-Evil

Religion: Anti-Faith

Fighting company: The Order of Dark Tower

Likes: Ditching, Battle Games of all sorts, Class Battles, Bardic, POLEARMS!, FEAST, And speaking in a Russian Accent, people that keep up on the rules, and having fun at amtgard of course!!! =D

Dislikes: Zombies, People who try to make amtgard un-fun, Amtgard dopers, Base stupidity, DRAMA!

The Story Of Boris

Boris, being a nomad, although he has a complete lack of the whole 'sense of direction' type of deal. He liked to explore, and without surprise he got completely lost during a hunt. He stumbled across a horde of zombie warriors. Zombies being the reason for his family being wiped out, he flies into blind rage attacking the horde blindly, he manages to take out them, but in the process gets gravely injured, he works his way towards where he thinks there may be life so he can get some form of help. But his strength was not enough, so he slowly closes his eyes, as he drifts into deep sleep. He eventually is found by a Kitsune Healer named Sage, she awakens him and nurses him back to health at this small shire call Autumn Grove. Out of a sense of retribution Boris pledges his life to the protection of Sage at any cost.

He then makes his new home Autumn Grove, for once having a home burrow. As time progresses he comes in touch with many of the local people, there's a druid named Kayden, who tends to have an issue with plants even being stepped on, so Boris uses his "stepping" as a ploy to gather his food. He also meet this group of mercenaries in this group called The Order of Dark Tower, they befriended Boris, and trained him and eventually invited him to join their ranks. The invitation extended by Kyrow the Fox himself, Boris is honored and gladly accepts this position in the Order. He liked to observe all the vast different things going on in the shire of Autumn Grove, if it was the local Bard Crimson's singing which was most enjoyable, or how that Shadow tended to start fires without any real materials. Either way this group was diverse, and this was his home.

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More Information

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  • "You are completely socially acceptable" -- As Said by Kyrow The fox

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