Borial Grayve

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Borial Grayve, of Burning Skies, Golden Plains

”For me life didn't begin until it ended”



I awoke in a dark cramped space laying flat on my back surrounded by what felt to be wood. There was no light to be seen nor a sound to be heard but there was the stench of death in the stale air . In a panic I thrashed about with little effect on my surroundings however dirt seemed to fill the air around me. Pushing against the wood above me revealed the it to be rotting and beginning to crumble away. It seemed this tomb was going to cave in. At first I dreaded the thought knowing it would mean my death. I waited for a time. Considering my options or rather the lack there of I felt the weight of death on my shoulders. I laid there for what seemed like eternity never moving never blinking never breathing... Never breathing! That was it! I realised I truly was a dead man. My body was all bone. The meat had all rotten away. There were rags covering my legs and torso but the years hadn't treated them well either. How long had I been laying here? How can I smell? When did I die? Who am I? These were all questions I couldn't answer but my vigor seemed restored. I began to pull at the rotting boards above me. Dirt fell in at what would have normally been an alarming rate but the dirt didn't choke in my lungs or sting my eyes it just fell through my coffin and through my bones. For a moment I feared the weight would crush me but the dirt seemed to slip through me as I clawed my way to the surface. The night sky seemed to welcome me as I emerged from the ground. A full moon hung low in the sky giving off enough light to let me read my own tombstone. In rough lettering it seemed to read "Borial Grayve". It didn't seem like a proper name. Perhaps some fool was attempting to scrawl Burial Grave? Another question I could not give you the answer to. Perhaps this Borial Grayve was once a living man. I have no memories of a life before my awakening that night. Perhaps I was the Borial Grayve or perhaps I was a demon possessing his corpse. More questions to add to my list.

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