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Sir Boots, Current Captain of the Nighthawks

"Stick him in the Ding-Ding"



Boots is one of the Matriarchs of Women's Fighting. Only Tawnee has more firsts.

Group Affiliations

The Nighthawks
Household: La Cosa Nostra
House Morrigan

Belted Family

Before Boots was knighted she was squire to Sir Cabal

Current Squires - Squire Arklon, Squire Sttar, Squire Ragnar, Squire Graileon, Squire Briar Fox, Squire SKIT

Former Squires -Sir Warblade, Sir Ashe, Sir Nakita, Sir Monkey, Tey, Stormie, TuSocks, Zander, Vorn.

Sir Cabal

1. Sir Boots- Sword, Serpent, Crown, Flame

2. Sir Infinity - Sword

3.Sir Slyddur Rahbet- Flame, Crown

Notable Accomplishments

First Woman Warlord, First Woman Knight of the Sword, first female Champion of the Kingdom of Golden Plains.

She was voted into the Amtgard Hall of Fame in 2019.

Additional Images

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