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Target, of Autumn Grove a Barony of Rising Winds

"Wait he's dead? Can I just kill him again?"

"I'm deathly allergic to death."



Target joined Amtgard when his sister told him about it. He was one of the first (founding) members of Autumn Grove. Target enjoys archery. Shooting people in the knee-cap with foam padded arrows is his newest hobby. His first Kingdom level event was on June 20th where he ditched for hours on end and everyone else made bets on when he was going to fall over from exhaustion. He never did.

Character History

(Will be making an appearance as soon as he hands the page with it written down over to Sage)

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Helped test the catapult that Willy made (Three guesses what he was)
  • Sixth Level Scout


More information will be added when found.

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