Bliss Keep

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a Defunct freehold Shire, located in El Paso, TX



Bliss Keep was Founded by Malkav ( J.R. McDowell ) in an attempt to offer Military service people a place to gather and play and to introduce and further the game to new people. Great care was made to offer play at Kelly Park on post on Sundays in order to not interfere with the Saturday Meets at Memorial Park. Bliss Keep had about 20 full time players. But due to some feeling Malkav was attempting to burn the burning lands, he was forced to allow the group to die off.


Malkav ( Now Bron Brodir ) Raindancer ( now Ambra Reign ) Wolf Hono

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Contacts and Directions

Malkav is back in El Paso, after his many worldly Travels and is currently in Law Enforcement & attending college. He expressed that he wants to support Amtgard in any way he can, as it is one of his true loves. He also wanted people to know he never meant to cause so much fuss or emotion back when he started Bliss Keep.