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Lord Bleys "Big Chop" Kintsugi, Warrior Poet of Goldenvale, Grandchild of the Nine Blades




"All I want in the world is the ability to ditch until I am so tired I am forced to play video games." - Bleys

"I don't know how to dumb it down!" - Bleys

"I am the prettiest girl at this dance."

"I only use my cored swords against Nate." - Finris the Knave


Started swinging foam and ditching at Towson University every Friday in 2011. Moved to full Amtgard at the Duchy of Bitter coast in the winter of 2012. At this point, focusing on trying to fight better and make sure everyone out on the field has a great time.

Has a fondness for basketball shoes and floral pants. And bandanas. And pink swords. Pink swords more than any of the above.

Master of the Big Chop. Loves when you yell it at him during tournaments.

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--Sexy Nate

--Big Chop

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