Black Snow Bay

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Amtgard Chapter
BSBHeraldryTemp.jpg*temporary heraldry* Credit: Tyler Salvador
Black Snow Bay
Kingdom Freeholds of Amtgard
Status Freehold
City Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Park Black Snow Bay
Meets on Saturday
Founded August 2017
Active Yes

Freehold of Black Snow Bay

The Freehold of Black Snow Bay is located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada.




Black Snow Bay (BSB) is a Freehold Chapter of Amtgard in the Greater Toronto Area (Etobicoke) in Ontario, Canada. It was founded in August 2017 by William Black.

Black Snow Bay Growth

  • 2017 Founded in August

Current Monarchy


Black Snow Bay Players

Contacts and Directions

We field every Saturday from 1-4 in Marie Curtis Park, 2 Forty Second St, Etobicoke, ON.

Additional Information

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