Bain Ironwolf

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Lord, Squire Bain Ironwolf, of Crimson Moon of the Wetlands

”I do not trust my speeling o grammer will and I know tink.”



Affiliated Groups

Officially a serf of HBS

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Crom Ironwolf

Notable Accomplishments

  • Smart enough not to let HBS do his wiki page...
  • Master Jovious
  • 2 time Pm of Crimson Moon
  • Regent of Crimson Moon
  • Once went to Spring War with only a tent, a blanket, 2 sets of Garb, and 5 Cans of Raviolli*, and survived the whole event, never missing a meal.
    • Successfully bartered 3 cans of said Raviolli for a live steel sword.

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