Baeorn Grolar

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Baeorn Grolar, of Falcon's Moon, in the Kingdom of Emerald Hills

”Bear and grin it”

"Behold, the Wild Wanderer wandering the World on his Way 'round civilized Realms he paced circling Barrow-mounds and Sacred Groves wending his Way among grains and vines journeying on through morns and eves season upon seasons, year upon years Never to linger or tarry anywhere for he was a Walker of the Long Walk walking is his Way Behold, the Wild Wanderer"



Baeorn is a Northman who traded and raided in the lands along the inland seas and broad rivers of the far north in his youth. One grim day he ran afoul of a elfin mage and soon found himself lost under-hill in the elfin realm.

After years of searching and surviving the sorcelled fae-lands, he eventually found a portal back to a grove in the sunlands. Only it was a land he had never seen nor heard of in all his travels. Yet there he found kith and kin from the northlands. He helped his kinsman Bors to free this enthralled land from a necromancer and then set Bors on the throne. Baeorn became King Bors' vizier for a time, and fought beside him against the rift beasts from the Spiran Wastes that bordered their land of Grimm Hollow. Alas the Hollow had to be abandoned when the daemons came through the rifts. Bors fled north seeking far Snow Vale, but Baeorn returned to the elfin grove and found another portal. He had gained further arcane arts beyond those learned while under-hill, and this time he understood how the portals worked. When he passed through he left a ward to close that passage to daemons.

He found himself in a verdant grove close to a lively burgh, which he learned was the Barony of Dragon's Forge in a land known as Blackspire. Baeorn stayed for a short time, until he received a geas from a pair of twin celestial beings who identified themselves as Everwite and Luna. He was to be their eyes and ears in the lands beyond the fae portals. They sought the paths of the Way that their Father had obscured from them when they rebelled against his overwrought rules.

Under their geas Baeorn traveled through a countless number of fae portals, into several lands of Scadians, the Federated Lands, the Klin-Gon, and too many others to list. Always seeking any signs of the Way or those on that path.

Finally, he came upon a land which held the imprint of other celestials. The portal opened to a haunted grove and nearby was a benighted shire, known as Falcon's Moon. Beset by troubles was this place, but the tweak and squeak of Mana was plain to any caster. The place reeked of arcane workings. The sign of celestials that he had sought so long was found!

Baeorn's long travels were finally over. Now he must establish a Temple for Everwite and Luna and begin to search this land for Way-portals to complete his geas.

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