Azrael Satio

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Azrael D. Satio, of Autumn Grove a Barony of Rising Winds

'WIZARD! My sword calls for you death!'



Azrael was brought to Amtgard both by his love of combat but also his friend Yllarius Croceus in October 2010 Joining the at the time shire of Autumn Grove.

Character Stats

Name: Azrael D. Satio

Age: 20

Race: Half-Elf

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 260

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue/Green

Profession: Adventurer,Bard

Hobbies: Single weapon fighting, Making others laugh, Guitar

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Religion: Avandra (Goddess of Freedom and Adventure)

Likes: Large scale battles, Music, Listening to stories

Dislikes: Forgetting that he is wearing armor.

Character History

Azrael is the son of a traveling elf ranger father and a human bar wench who was the flavor of the night for his father. At a young age he was force to work at the bar his mother worked at. It was there he met a bard named Jack. This bard thought the young boy in the ways of music and poetry. After the bard left on his travels Azrael took up the job of playing music for the customers as well as telling stories. Many years later after his mother had given in to sickness Azrael left the bar and started to travel. He soon happened across the dying lands of Avaron and two of it's former residents a Human named Fariel Zenetois and a Drow by the name of MC he soon befriended both and traveled with them to the land of Autumn Grove meeting many people such as the Firestrike Clan. Soon after he was asked by Captain Xanthas Silvermoon of the PGS Arcadia to join his crew which he gladly agreed to. One can normally find Azrael around the forests of Autumn Grove singing and charming those who would do him harm in to doing his bidding. Or on board the Arcadia or in his gambling house The Lucky Wench.

Belted Family

Man at Arms to Chandril Kazarian Arkain

Affiliated Groups

Peregrine Guard - Swabbie aboard the PGS Arcadia

Notable Accomplishments

  • Prime Minister Pro-Temp

Additional Images

Azrael facing off against his arch rival Troya...Troya how ever sees him as a pest....

More Information

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