Avian War

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Founded December 3, 2019
Status Active
Kingdoms Active In Crystal Groves
Desert Winds
Groups Active Hidden Blades


The Avian War began on December 3, 2019 by decree of Regent Arden Dawnseeker of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves as delivered by Sir Jynx Mercades.

Crystal Groves Proclamation

((totally not RP related at all.))

Kingdom of Crystal Groves,

By order of the Regent of the Kingdom of Crystal Groves, all avian life forms that can fly, and can outrun Regent Arden's carriage have been banned from the kingdom, effective as of this announcement. All avian lifeforms shall be pursued by the Regent's newest Task Force U.N.I.C.O.R.N.S. (Unified Necromancers In league with Combatants Overly opposed to Rowdy Never ending Silly birds) and placed outside of kingdom borders.

While it saddens us that it must come to this, there are crimes in which birds have stood accused of for years now, and Regent Arden, Keeper of the Majestic Hat, has seen fit to uphold.

To those loyal citizens who uphold this lawful removal of avian lifeforms from the kingdom, we applaud you.

Thank you,

Keeper of the Word of Arden Jynx.

Although this ban had no real authority, it became a vexation upon the King of Crystal Groves. This conflict had ruffled some feathers in the Kingdom. Therefore, King Faelyn issued an Official Proclamation on December 10, 2019.

Official Crystal Groves Kingdom Proclamation


Faelyn let out a heavy sigh. He had been traveling to various regions of the land over the past few days and had just made it back to the castle when news of a ban on birds come to his attention. He knew that Duke Arden wasn't fond of birds but this was a bit much. He reached his private study where he wrote out an official statement, one for each major city.

"Attention Grovians,

While i appreciate everyone in their cooperation with the so called "bird ban", there is no official ban against avian kind at this time. Please be kind to our bird friends. I apologize for the inconvenience to those of the populous who may have been affected by the unnoficial ban.

Signed, King Faelyn"

With that signed, he sent out the messengers. He smiled and chuckled as the last one left. Perhaps he may send the Duke a small, caged gift for the minor uproar he caused.

The matter became an International Amtgard issue when on December 12, 2019 Corran Gray of the Hidden Blades posted a Missive on the Amtgard Facebook Discussion Board, asking Amtgarders everywhere to choose a side.

Hidden Blades Missive
  • RP*

Kingdoms of Amtgard! Pandora's box has opened and chaos has been unleashed! The Avian War is at your door!

The Kingdom of Crystal Groves has fallen to a battle between those who support the Avian races and those that seek their destruction. This innocent debate has escalated and led groups to pick up arms. Blood has already been drawn within the Kingdom. Worse yet, this conflict is beginning to spread to other nearby Kingdoms.

Where do you stand in this battle? Where does your Monarchy? Will the feather bearers become extinct or will their oppressors be defecated upon? Draw your lines. Pick your sides. Prepare... FOR AN AMTGARD WAR!!!!

[Information brought to you by your friendly neighborhood House of the Hidden Blades. For when you just need that evil dead, again.]

~Corran Gray

As a result of this Missive, Drū-Kära the Dryad chose sides in favor of Avian kind. Subsequently, Drū-Kära's kingdom became involved.

Desert Winds Proclamation
  • RP*

The Kingdom of the Desert Winds bears news!

On this day 12 December, 2019.

The Lustrious Queen of the Desert Winds, Whiskey-Sama. Has made order that the will of the Crystal Grove’s Avian extermination abominable to all extents! To All in favor of such inhumane efforts, shall be struck down if they dare enter our lands. In extention, we open the Kingdom’s land to all Avian-folk who feel threatened and unable to protect themselves for food and shelter. Until the evil order has been lifted from the corrupted Kingdom, this decree shall be ever in effect.


Queen Whiskey-Sama

(Rachel Yee)

Regent Lucas IV

(Luke M Litwaitis)

Champion Defender Shadow Silverblade (Troy Hansen)

In response, Regent Arden created a Facebook group where Open Season was declared regarding Avian War Shenanigans.

Open Season Declaration

Hail friends!

To keep the kingdom page clear of memes and such regarding bird shenanigans, I’ve taken the liberty of making a Bird meme page!

The last thing I want to do is detract from important announcements or from Faleyn’a reign theme, so I thought it was the solution that fit the best.

Just keep it fun, don’t be mean, and let the bird shenanigans commence in an approved format!



In April and May of 2020, Shadow and Drū-Kära Silverblade sent a dozen avian soldiers to infiltrate the U.N.I.C.O.R.N. stronghold, the castle of Sir Jynx Mercades.

The first flight arrived on April 22, 2020. Although the heroes were discovered, fortunately there was an avian sympathizer within the castle walls, Sir Piper Lesonette who has been giving them room and board.

The second flight arrived on May 8, 2020.



Support from the Kingdom of the Nine Blades

Drū-Kära sought additional support from the newly minted Kingdom of the Nine Blades during the First Year of the Plague. The kingdom's mascot is the goose.

As a result of Drū-Kära's efforts and general love for the new kingdom, Queen Admiral Anne Cash conferred Drū-Kära with the title of "Honorary Goose" on August 3, 2020.

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