Aust Valanthe

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Lord Squire Aust Valanthe of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

”All that I learned from Bard was how to run.”

”When we play monster, its not about winning. Its about playing such great monsters that we all win.”



Formerly a member of Emerald Wind under Winter's Edge, Aust moved in early 2015 to the Iron Mountains.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Lord Given by Duchess Amarra, July 2017

Paragon Monster Given by Count Quorpeck, April 2016

Regent of Emerald Winds, September 2011 - December 2011

Monarch of Emerald Winds, August 2012 - September 2013

Regent of Emerald Winds, September 2014 - May 2015

GMR of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains, May 2015 - June 2017

GMR of the Empire of the Iron Mountains, January 2016 - June 2016, January 2017 - June 2017

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