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Aszar Themis
Home Park Blackfire Pass
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 1997
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status None

Baronet Lord Aszar Themis Esquire, of the Duchy of Valley of the Twin Rivers

"Madness takes it's toll..."


Joined IDC in 1997 and later Blackfire Pass in 1999 before disappearing for over a decade. Upon his return to Blackfire Pass, Aszar took up the reins of the office of Prime Minister and proved to be one of our best PMs and was instrumental in raising Blackfire Pass to Duchy status due to his legendary OCD regarding paperwork. Received Master Garber at BattleCry 2017! Transferred to Valley of the Twin Rivers in March of 2018. PM of VTR in November 2019.

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