Astral Adventures

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A book describing guidelines and ideas for campaign style Battle Games.

After many months of play testing, and the input of several of our members, I am pleased to present to you the Second Edition of Astral Adventures.

Astral Adventures was written in an effort to create a questing environment that encouraged roleplay. It has proven to be an excellent vehicle for RP and has helped to re-energize the quests of our land.

I would once again like to thank those that helped with the creation and revision of this work. Many concepts within this book were influenced by the work of Lord-Abbot Katzushima. The revision process was aided by several members of Astral Winds, most notably: Lord Pyro, Verick Mercades the White, Coga Higiro and Master Puppet. Thanks to all of the above for your contributions!

Please note that this book is not a rulebook by itself, but a Quest Supplement for the fine rulebook created by the Amtgard 7 publishing group. These rules are for specialized campaigns and events, and should not be used for ordinary battlegames.

Good Luck and Enjoy!
Baron Sir Gorin Defender of Dragonspine
Astral Winds, Dragonspine (this is the third edition to the book, the previous hosting website had disappeared)

Sir GoldCrest on Astral Adventures

It's got a bit of this and that thrown in from all over. I know it's been farmed out to a few lands that have shown interest. This isn't dictated by lands like Amt-risk and gives a bit more for the individual, while adding a little something in there for everyone from rookies to nobles.

v8 Update

A v8 Update is in active use in all Northreach parks, including monthly Principality-hosted events. As it is being actively updated, it is recommended that you visit the Alaska Amtgard forums at for the most recent draft.