Clan Assana

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Assana Clan

”Improvise. Adapt. Survive.”


Biography of Group

We were nearly destroyed 1000 years ago. We have been scattered to the four winds. Our Captain has brought us together to remember. To remember our ancestors. To remember our homeland. To remember our honor! Now, once again our banner flies high! Once again we are filled with strength, with fire! Once again people will know the name: Assanan

Affiliated Groups


"Captain Morgan Whitewave - 101st Captain of the Assana Clan"

"Waylin Bluemoon - 101st Chief Lieutenant of the Assana Clan"

"Dragonclaw - Assanan Lieutenant"

"Halfstar de Grune Jager - Assanan Lieutenant

"Severek the Ignored - Assanan Lieutenant"

"Vyse Blackwood - Assanan Member"

"Edris Firethorn - Assanan Member"

"Breezy - Assanan Member"

Notable Accomplishments

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