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Aske of Shadow Haven Keep


An Eidolon, A Phantasm, A Spectre.... This status has haunted him throughout his memory. A slow shift from an endless, formless grey waste into sharper and more defined focus, leading seamlessly into the present. He knows nothing of his origins or identity. He knows only the rich world around him, the sword in his hands, and the companions by his side. Elder druids and elven scholars have theorized that he could be an astral projection of a being from another plane, or possibly a man who in life was cursed with a tormented immortality. What is clear is that he is neither living nor dead. His goal is to seek mortality or oblivion, for he has long since grown weary of his immortal state. His immortality works in mysterious ways. He could be burned to ashes and scattered across the world, but somehow finds himself in his old body in a familiar location within a single moon cycle. His companions have pledged to help him on his quest and he in turn has granted his service to them in pursuit of their worldly desires.

His undead appearance is clear in his corpse-like features. His presence is further accentuated by spiked leather armour and heavy chained flail. He is humble before the great laws of nature, introverted, and Chatoic-Neutral aligned. He submits to no laws of the living, however, which has brought him to blades with many foes. His emotions run deep but he does not feel the sparkle of life that ignites all living creatures around him. He has no traces of the flame in him, only a constant longing, a bottomless emptiness. He feels the final remnants of the flame, the ashes that will sit dormant in his darkened soul for eternity. It is from this he derives his name, Aske.

Aske formerly resided with the Woodhaven Keep, Yet there was a massive rebellion involving more than half of the townsfolk. They were opposing an increasingly tyrannical leader. The cause was worthy enough for Aske to take part in. However, the despot queen of Woodhaven Keep was able to summon powerful allies to help her drive the rebels into exile. Aske along with the other rebels regrouped at the Myrmidons' Citadel and founded a new settlement there. Woodhaven Keep had so few remaining townsfolk that they could not sustain themselves. They collapsed in economic ruin within the year.

Extended Biography

Once upon a time, Aske's ship was commandeered by a ruthless band of pirates. They stole his ship and forced him to walk the plank. As his lungs began to flood with water, he realized that he would be damned to drown for eternity due to his immortal state. Three days later, when it was time for the sea to give up her dead, Aske remained alive in a perpetual torment at the bottom of the sea. The sea manifested into a spiritual entity to communicate with Aske. Aske made a pact with the sea in exchange for his freedom. The sea would, with its mighty currents, free Aske from his bonds and carry him to a homeward shore, while Aske would from that point on become a vassal for the sea when the sea so wills it. Aske found it convenient to channel the sea in battle, as it gave him incredible power to resist an enemy's attacks. He can only channel this power twice per month, however, at the nodes of the moon cycle when the tides are highest and lowest.



  • Black Trousers

Simple, modest trousers bought in the market of a small town.

  • Black Shirt

Found underneath an ox-drawn cart in a market square of a large trading post.

  • Vest of the Golden Diamond

A gold-studded vest given to Aske as a prize for winning a combat tournament in the small hamlet of Galdheim, now greatly worn with combat.

  • Leather Gloves

Simple leather gloves purchased from a glove-maker at a market in one of the northern trading posts.

  • Headband of the Golden Diamond

Formerly the champion of Galdheim's most prized possession. Seeing as he passed away from the wounds he received in the tournament, Aske reasoned that he would have no use for it anymore.

  • Collar

A gift to Aske from his lover, symbolizing Aske's devotion.

  • Belt of Multispectral Absorption

A mystical belt that was in Aske's possession for as long as he can remember. It harnesses energy from electromagnetic waves around it to supply Aske with a constant stream of energy to sustain his undead existence.

  • Nightshade Spectacles

Aske is accustomed to the dim light of a crypt, and must wear these spectacles enchanted with nightshade outside so that he is not overcome by light.

  • Pendant

Aske's pendant is a symbol of his pride, individuality, and honor. He would never part with it.


  • Left Arm: Forearm Gauntlet
  • Right Arm: Forearm Guards
  • Right Leg: Shin & Ankle Gauntlet
  • Left Leg: Shin & Ankle Gauntlet

This armor was commissioned to a master blacksmith who was said to be in communion with Satan. Only Aske had the courage to wear the armor. The Blacksmith was so impressed by Aske's courage that he allowed him to have the armor at no cost, saying only that "my work is complete....".


  • Chained Flail (R)

Aske's primary offensive weapon is his chained flail. Once he was walking in a densely forested valley in the land of Sogn, when he came across the corpse of a man who had long since frozen to death. Aske sensed something about this man, as if he had known him in his heart all along. Aske trudged through blinding snow to the closest hamlet at the rim of the massive valley, where he had a druid, a bard, and a monk accompany him back to the corpse. The druid summoned fire to warm the body while the monk tried vainly to resurrect the lifeless corpse. When all seemed lost, the bard was suddenly inspired to play a song that he had never known before, but somehow intuition guided him to play it perfectly. As the song was being played, the corpse stirred back to life. At the song's completion, a fully resurrected man stood before the group. He introduced himself as "Valfar, the Warrior", and gave each of the travelers a gift. An accordion for the bard, the seed of a tree that descended from Yggdrasil for the druid, an ivory walking stick for the monk, and for his fellow warrior, the finest most well-balanced flail in all of Amtgard. Consisting of three parts, a handle, a chain link, and a heavy spiked iron ball, Aske wields this weapon to devastating effect on his opponents, dealing both bludgeoning and piercing damage.

  • Sword (L)

Aske often borrows a sword from his companions to aid in defending himself. He rarely attacks with it.

  • Dagger (R)

When fighting stealthily or with companions nearby, a flail becomes impractical. Aske employs his dagger to maximum effect to get up close and very uncomfortable with his enemies. Forged by a blacksmith in a remote village in one of the Southern mountain ranges, the ornamental sheath makes this weapon as much a work of art as it is an effective asset in combat.


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