Ashe Ender

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Ashe Ender, of Autumn Grove a Shire of Rising Winds


Ashe Ender's story, in the form of a poem. (Bardic)

I'm a kitsune so let us begin.
Pillaging villages is quite a win.
Through the shadows I lurk and spy.
Sleeping by day and then robbing by nigh.
No ordinary fox I presume to be.
Though my elements come hither to me.
Water, come forth! You holiest of ales.
Through my claws, I will have time to prevail.
Though on a singular long lasting day.
Fire, my favorite, would come out to play.
Growing alone with not a clue.
My past was hardly anything new.
Lost and unknowing as an innocent babe.
I burned down my village in which it did cave.
Alone in all ash, I was covered in soot.
A thundering sound hinted kings men afoot.
The good king came and took me away.
Until he died while I was out to play.
They cast me out of house and of home.
'Til I, Ashe Ender, was all alone.
To this day I live always in fear
Though I will shed blood without a tear
Will there ever be an end in sight?
Or someone who would hear her plight?
Disaster will come again and again.
Until someone brings me to the end.
This is my story it had to be said.
Though my hands will remain stained with red.
Now take a bow, this is your last warning.
So put up your sword because it's getting boring.

Ashe is normally color. She has taken to making weapons and is experimenting in making them look pretty. She is the real-life companion of Dex Terminax.

Notable Accomplishments

Ashe is a very good artist and we hope to see more of her work.


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