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Uther Avalonian Ark, of Wickerwood, in Celestial Kingdom

”Ehh, It's fine, I've had worse”
”Don’t let fear run your life, or you’ll never live life.”


The adventurer known as Uther Avalonian, known by his peers as simply Ark. Hails from Wickerwood although not always so. His journey began in the far northern reaches of the Kingdom of Northreach in the park of Lupine Moon. Back in the spring of 2013 he learned a great deal of many things there, in the little time he was in that kingdom, knowledge that he seeks to share in the southern most part of the Celestial Kingdom.

Uther Avalonian is a kind and gentle soul, although most will never see that side of him. He was forged in the field of battle with a firm hand of discipline and survival tactics. That is the only life he knows so he is always guarded. In the park of Wickerwood he saw that many things were not being done correctly so he ran for Duke in the winter correnation of 2015. His reign was a successful one having left the park with more players, less of the toxic players and more gold in the coffers.

At which point he took a break from Amtgard for most of 2018 and rarely coming out to the park due to mundane life and is currently playing again in 2019. After being approached by several players to run for office again he has considered it greatly.

Shortly after these events he was going to run for Regent to help bring RP into Wickerwood but due to a series of unfortunate events and 3 prime ministers quiting back to back in the span of no more than 3 months, he took it upon himself to take that responsibility and as such becam pro temp prime minister.

Affiliated Groups

The Legionnaires


Celestial Kingdom


Duke of Wickerwood during the winter of 2016.

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