Aria Lokasdottir

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Aria Lokasdottir
Home Park Five Oaks
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 2014
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status Squire

Lux Shaman Squire Aria Lokasdottir, of Five Oaks, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

"All the cracks in my skin just let the light in"

Aria Lokasdottir found Amtgard in late 2014, playing at the Duchy of Sunfall Abbey. They played there through December of 2018, before moving to the County of Skywatch.

In July of 2019, Aria Onyx moved back to Sunfall Abbey, and in September of 2019 stepped up as the Champion for the Winter Reign. Primarily playing Druid or Wizard, Our intrepid player aspires to what it calls Paragon Shaman.

In December of 2019, They earned their Paragon Druid. In late 2017, Aria Onyx founded their own boffersmithing workshop, Solaris Craftworks, to further their goals of Master Owl and provide a path to improve their foam work.

They aspires to eventually join the peerage as a Knight of the Flame, Crown, Battle, and Serpent.

Prior to joining Amtgard, they played Sovereign Scrolls, a Lightest Touch Full Immersion LARP similar to NERO. They have played Sovereign Scrolls since early 2013, and continue to crossgame to this day.


Aria is Squire to Sir Gromal Finley

Aria Lokasdottir has one Comrade-At-Arms, Hagane Murasaki, of Quixotic Valley

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Paragon Druid
  • Author of The Elemental Monastery
  • Champion of Sunfall Abbey, Winter Reign 2019
  • Pro-tem Prime Minister of Eagleshire, Summer reign 2020
  • Autocrat of Iron Mountains Endreign 61
  • Autocrat of Wetlands Endreign 48
  • Autocrat of Wetlands Endreign 49
  • Co-Autocrat, Virtual Amtgard: Expanded interkingdom event
  • Co-Crat, March Into Office 4 Kingdom Midreign
  • Lead Mod of the Unofficial Amtgard Community Facebook Group
  • Crat of Wetlands Reign 49 Halloween Mini-Event
  • Classes taught: Foamsmithing 101 for Darkmoon, Foamsmithing AMA Rising Winds Virtual Classroom, Paragon Druid AMA, Wizard AMA, Northern Lights Paragon Druid AMA, Emerald Hills Paragon AMA
  • Region 6 Diversity and Inclusion Representative
  • Imperial Guildmaster of Reeves for the Iron Mountains, summer reign 2021
  • Panels given: Casters Panel for Wetlands, Digital Events Panel for Wetlands
  • Admin of the House Fierce Facebook Group and Discord
  • Autocrat, Wetlands Kingdom Weaponmaster Reign 47
  • Shadow Gate-o-Crat, Wetlands Midreign 47

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