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A household dedicated to promoting "fancy foam" (shaped and artistically constructed equipment), and greater immersion in the fantasy of the game, both on and off the field of play.

Anyanka Armory, named for the rabbit depicted in its heraldry, is an Amtgard household focusing predominantly on the construction sciences and service to the game. We encourage well-made weapons, shields, and equipment with a higher aesthetic. We exist primarily to share and enjoy the arts and creation of "fancy foam" and immersive equipment, as well as acting in service to our Parks, Kingdoms, and the game as a whole.

The Armory is open to enthusiasts or crafters of any park or Kingdom.

We are small, yet, and communicate primarily through the Facebook group, or in person at Bright Forge of the Emerald Hills. To join the Armory, contact us through either Facebook group, or approach Atheris the RabbitLord, or Alphonse our PR specialist. We now have a representative in the Crystal Groves: Nazira Al Badiyah Reeh

Household Lord/Master: RabbitLord

Household Captain/Heir: Jackalope


Some Fancy Foam...

  • Prongs1.jpg

Prongs2.jpg Prongs Short Sword

  • Royal steak knife.png The Steak Knife Dagger

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