Annilia Mooncarver

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Annilia Mooncarver
Home Park Blackfire Pass
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 1999
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status Knight of the Serpent


Nilla and Abi..causing trouble.


"Annilia is evil spelled with 'A'. Don't miss it!"-Bangor

Affiliated Groups

Annilia is a member of and Den Mother to Sol Invictus.

Belted Family

Before she was welcomed into the peerage Annila was squire to Dame Shanti who was squire to Francesca who was squire to Aramithris who was squire to Nashomi who was squire to Tawnee. Which makes her a fifth generation Serpent knight.

Notable Accomplishments

Annila was Knighted in the order of the Serpent for her Master Dragon in November of 2006 at Rising Winds Midreign IX by Sir Owl Bonesteel. Annilla has held on term as Regent of the Rising Winds, April 2006 - September 2006 and several terms in local office.

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