Anne Boneywood

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Anne Boneywood, of Trail's End Tal Dagore

Currently suspended for $500 in missing park funds. Suspected of much more over time.


Anne Boneywood has traveled the seas pillaging and plundering but now is the time to enjoy the fruit of all that pirating and she traveled amongst many lands looking for the perfect place to settle. A little over a year ago she came across a group of like minded individuals and decided to set up her home here in Trails End. Since joining this group she has been searching for a new crew to someday go and pillage and plunder some more before she forgets how. As she recruits new pirates and some that have traveled the seas before she has spent most of her amassed fortune on having a new ship built. Tune in after September and see if her ship is finished and the new adventures begin!

Has held the offices of:

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Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Dragon Master July 7, 2012.

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