Amtgard International

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The governing body for all of Amtgard. This group was formed to oversee all of the mundane business for Amtgard. Members are elected by the Circle of Monarchs at the annual Circle of Monarchs Meeting. There are two seats reserved for appointment by the Burning Lands. Currently those seats are held by Raven Bex, the BL BoD President who is appointed to the ExCom and Caliana, who is elected by the populace of The Burning Lands. The ExCom chairman has a guaranteed seat as well. This is currently occupied by Randall. There are four elected seats. These seats are elected by the CoM and are elected to two year terms with two seats up every year at Clan. These seats are eligible for 2 terms before members must transition off of the Board.


  • Caliana - BL BoD President Appointment
  • Raven Bex - BL ExCom Appointment
  • Randall - ExCom Appointment
  • Open Position - Goldcrest resigned
  • Kord - Elected (Second Term expires 2020)
  • Open Position - Brennon resigned
  • Keladry - Elected to fill a vacant seat (Term expires 2019)

Amtgard International has a Facebook page for announcements, sharing meeting minutes and more.