Amtgard Hall of Fame

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A Hall of Fame for Amtgard. To recognize Amtgarders of years gone by for various reasons such as impact on the game, legendary fighting prowess or crafting skill, etc. It is intentional that a Hall of Fame represents only a chosen few. Most people, even very significant ones will not get in.

Anyway, to be eligible, an Amtgarder must have been retired at least 5 years (with little likelihood of return).

We have relaxed the retired requirement. They can still be active, but should be... how to say it, past their peak as it were? Some of the ones who previously got in became more active again, and it kind of blurred it. While there is a focus on those who came before, someone who made a huge enough impact may still be worthy of induction while active. Its up to the voters...

It is okay if they pop up once in a blue moon to say hello, but they should be no confusion as to whether they are active or not.

We have had three classes inducted into the Amtgard Hall of Fame thus far. Voting for the next class is now underway.

Inductees (year of induction). 2006 was the inaugral class. Every voting period we will add 5 new members.

Senior Committee

Starting in 2019, a senior committee voted to induct a number members from the distant past that current voters may not be as familiar with. This model is something used already by many sports halls of fame including the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of fame. The committee is selected from the "Old Guard" membership but will rotate, not permanent. The initial committee was Aramithris, Naes and Forest. Other than the selection process no distinction is made between people in the hall via this route and at large voting.

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