Alyra Elfglade

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Alyra elfglade, of Autumn Grove a Shire of Rising Winds

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She was brought into Amtgard by her friend. She had already created a background story before coming to park.

Character History

My name is Alyra. I was born somewhere in Elfglade Forest in the kingdom of the Rising Winds. As a newborn I was given to a peasant family and raised as one of their own children. At the age of thirteen I was sent to become a servant at Autumn Grove since my adoptive parents could not afford to keep me anymore. I am now fifteen and am a kitchen wench under the service of Master Chef Pell. He beats me severely if I do not do as he asks to his satisfaction. I am forced to carry loads of fire wood and buckets of water up and down a hill many times a day. If I do not carry them fast enough I am beaten. I sleep in slaves quarters where there is no heat, water, or light. Today was my lucky day though. I became a servant to Princess Marishka Elfglade. She is very kind and does not ask much of me. We met on the practice battlefield and I was invited to ride with her on Malya, her war panther. I said yes but I was terrified. I held on tightly to Princess Marishka as we galloped back to the castle. She told me to trust them but I was unsure. She then yelled at me to let go and I did as I was told. I then found that I could trust in them completely and yelled out in delight. When we reached the castle I escorted her to her rooms and then I went to fetch her some food and drink. When I returned she ate very little and then offered me the rest. I knew I should not but she insisted. I leaned forward to take her plate and when I did my medallion peeked out from my bodice. She quickly and roughly grabbed my arm. She had a look of bewilderment in her eyes. She dragged me to her dragon and forced me to mount her. She climbed on behind me and held me in place. We dove from the landing and I screamed in horror. We landed in front of a woman and she dismounted with me and yelled at her. She told the woman to tell her the truth and thats when I found out my true identity. Suddenly a purple dragon with a panther riding upon it dropped from the sky. She asked me to kneel and I did. She placed my medallion back around my neck. We rushed to Lady Teach's tent and she demanded my freedom. Lady Teach obliged the demmand and asked how I was Marishka's sister. She told her and we flew on Taimet to a glen just outside of Autumn Grove. We sat in silence the whole day long. At nightfall we each rode our dragons and as we flew I knew I was safe. I slumbered as we flew back to Autumn Grove. All I remeber from that night was a man in armor carrying me to Marishka's rooms and laying me in her bed. I heard crying as I fell back into a deep sleep.

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