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Baroness Dame Alona "I believe it's pronounced Chupacablahblah" Twotrees, Onishi The NICE of the Shire of Windtree Keep in the Kingdom of Neverwinter.


I call her "DoubleTree" -Tanath


Alona started playing amtgard in 2001, in Galesburg, IL at the now defunct shire of Sawney Freehold Shire under Golden Plains(which changed its name Forsaken Lakes, and spent some time under Rising Winds) and was one of the 7 founding members, and first regent of the park. She then moved to Chicago area and played at the now defunct Shadow's Home under Burning Lands in Aurora, IL. Then she convinced the people of the now defunct Loch V'Naer which was at one point known as Oakshire in Chicago to merge with Shadow's Home. Then the not defunct but prospering maybe cause she left it (but really it's cause SH and NH merged) North Haven in Schamburg, IL and then changed parks to help out Fiery Nights in Waukeegan, IL. But failed miserably. Then she moved to Phoenix Tears under Rising Winds in Springfield, IL. Recently she has moved out of Illinois to Florida, and resides at Falling Fire, and has also dropped her squire belt from Katzu, with no hard feelings, she still remains in the belted family. More recently she started a local park that quickly died, Hawk's Shadow.

Alona is a graphic artist of some reknown in amtgardia; having created many beautiful and useful award templates, neat web sites, and a myriad of other cool things. Both former queens Clio (Emerald Hills) and Linden (Celestial Kingdom) have used her award templates, as have King Glavas (Rising Winds), King Firespitter (Burning Lands), and many other groups.

Held the following offices:

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

In 2011 she became Squire to Dame Linden Tul. In January of 2012, she was elevated to the Peerage as a Flame Knight.

Prior to her Squiring under Dame Linden, Alona was Squired to Sir Katzu, and is a part of his belted family to this day.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Has made award templates that have been used by every amtgard kingdom.
  • Has been deemed "The Nice"
  • Helped foster many Illinois groups and can still find some of her things randomly floating around them.
  • Is easily beaten by small children.

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