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Baronet Page Akin, of The River's End

here seen on the right


Masterhood in the Deadman Pee Pee Shot.... Akin says "Hello".

Marshal File #DF59901

At first glance, the one known as Akin seems like nothing more than a forgettable beggar. In truth, Akin is a formidable fighter, though little is known of how actually good he is. He has been connected to the infamous House O Hare, more closely to its leader, the drunkard Loptr. It has become clear on further investigation that Akin himself is no slouch in the "lush" department, his most notable time when he awoke in the middle of Lord Killemall's daughter's bedroom. It has also been reported that Akin has a phobia of clowns and clown like paraphernalia. Note that Akin is only in the Marshal's Files for trying the Deadman Pee Pee Shot on toddlers. For some reason he'd scream "I say hello" in a drunken stupor as the child laid on the ground crying.

Submitted by
(Marshal's name withheld)

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Belted line

Was MaA to Garlon until that bastard Loptr convinced him to defect, now a Page to Loptr.

Notable accomplishments

Yup Yup has managed to log more attendance at inter-kingdom events in the last 18 months that his own park. Granted his home park is 118 miles away and gas ain't cheap.

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