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Ajarion of Crimson Wood, Westmarch/Dragonspine

”It's a giant battle-axe!”



Ajarion, like a number of Crimson Wood's younger members, is a sporadic attendee due to mundane obligations. Undaunted, he tends to hurl himself quite eagerly into battle when the time is right, and tends to dabble in the credits he takes--currently, he's working up Druid, Barbarian, Monster, and Wizard.

He is also a close friend of Kallado, and the two of them are known for some of their more...eye-catching constructions. Pictured above is the "Flaming Lollipop" (alternatively referred to as "The Pizza Flipper of Doom" and "The Flaming Shovel/Spade"), famed for the number of incarnations through which it has consecutively passed, often becoming broken again not long after each reconstruction. The "Flaming Q-Tip," a Great staff made with a similarly-patterned cover, is another Kallado/Ajarion creation--albeit one with an evidently much-sturdier construction.

Affiliated Groups

Ajarion is a Deputy in the Order of the Elements household.

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