Ailanthus Finvarra

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Marquesa Ailanthus Finvarra, of Granite Crown, Kingdom of Goldenvale

”I'm all for more hitting, but in that case, it was too much kicking of a dead horse; tedious. It's more fun when they squeak, or react at least a little.”


Started in Wavehaven in 1995. Played, had fun. Married Castings in 2001. Got knighted in the order of the serpent at Rakis in 2003. Had a child and moved to Sacramento in 2004. Started Falcon's Reach in 2005. Worked on Confederating Westmarch, in 2007. Moved back to Westmarch.

Family Tree

Sir Nevron Dreadstar

Offices Held

Ailanthus first took office, as pro-tem Regent of Wavehaven, in 1997. She has since held every office across Duchy, Shire, and Principality sized groups. She has been GMR on numerous occasions, and held a Wavehaven BOD seat for 7 years. She was the first monarch of Westmarch (Title: Pretty Pretty Princess).

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