Adelaide Hale

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Adelaide Hale of Aureus Saltus, of Westmarch


Started Amtgard in 2013 as a Scout and core member. Main fighting styles: Short Sword Flow, or Archery. Other Classes: Druid.

Back Story

Adelaide Hale, the youngest of three sisters {sisters are Althea Hale and Arriana Hale) was born in the small farming town of Kayle. Being the youngest she was small and shy around strangers, but vicious when provoked. She didn't much like the company of others, she preferred to tend to her family's live stock rather than play with other children. None of the others understood her and picked on her when her sisters were not around... Or at least the stupid ones tried. More often than not they would get her to cry with their harsh words, only to then be sent home limping. Her Mother taught her all she could about the keeping and breeding of livestock, the growing of plants, and every now and again her father would sneak her and Arriana off on a hunting trip into the Howling Wood. Not that she needed her father for that, she snuck off into the wood far more often then her poor mother would have liked.

Around the age of 20, not more than 4 months after Arriana was sent away to a girl's school, to break her of her boyish ways, the Orc packs that had plagued her small village had finally decided to wipe her home off the map in one foul fiery swoop. Late in the night the pack swept threw her home, killing every single living thing they could find... Adelaide saw both of her parents fall in the flames, along with the rest of her home. All she could do was retreat into the wood, hoping they would not follow. As she fled Adelaide sprinted right into a strange and confused looking man who could barely speak, and acted as if he had never seen a woman before in his life. When asked his name, where he was from, or how he had gotten to her burning home, he had no answer. So, without any other option, Adelaide fled with the man over the horizon and into the wood. It was then that she knew exactly what to call him... Fayt Horizon. For only Fayt could have brought them both together just when they needed one another the most.

Affiliated Groups

  • Rangers of Gawad Taur (Household) - Member (2015)
  • Salty Bitches (Household) - Founding Member (2018)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Creator of Aureus Saltus Hearldry


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