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Player Notes

Randall on Lords

There are two kinds of Lords. There are Lords who do a lot of work and get specific recognition for it. And there are Lords who will never get any kind of greater title, never do any work you can actually give an order for, and whine and hang out long enough that they get made Lords just so they will shut up.

I guess there are also Lords that come from being in lands smaller than kingdom level, so maybe there are three kinds.

When I see a Lord, I can guess that I am either meeting an up-and-comer (if they haven't been in too long and work hard and have a great attitude) or I am meeting someone who will never get knighted and got the consolation prize (all others).

Edit to note - I'm not judging a person by saying, "Oh, you only made it to Lord, you suck." I'm just saying that in my experience (which is in a kingdom seat), Lord is a discretionary title rather than one given for holding any office and it seemed like it was sometimes used as a consolation prize in the 90s - an outlet for people who needed recognition but who would be a stain upon knighthood.

Raphael's note

Traditionally in Burning Lands if a squire was made a lord it was considered the kiss of death towards their journey onto knighthood. It is quite uncommon for Lord Squire So-and-so to be considered by the Knight's circle when they have received so much already. There might be an exception to this rule but then again that type of knight truly isn't worth mentioning. But Lady squire is ok.

Grix's note

There's really nothing wrong with Lord/Lady. The comments on the wiki are just a couple observations that there are a number of people who don't really do all that much, but have been part of the game for long enough that those in charge feel like they should give them "something." That something is often a lord title.

Another reason people seem to get "stuck" at Lord is because some kingdoms allow lower level parks to give it out. A duchy might Lord someone, but then no one bothers to go to the kingdom for a higher title after that.

So, you can absolutely have a title without a squire's belt (squire's belts are outside of the award structure completely) and being a Lord/Lady doesn't keep you from getting knighted