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Monarchies of Westmarch

Reign I August 2007—February 2008

Reign II February 2008—September 2008

Reign III September 2008—May 2009

Reign IV May 2009—November 2009

Reign V November 2009—May 2010

Reign VI May 2010—November 2010

Reign VII November 2010—May 2011

Reign VIII May 2011—November 2011

Reign IX December 2011—May 2012

Reign X May 2012—December 2012

Reign XI December 2012—May 2013

Reign XII May 2013—November 2013

Reign XIII November 2013—May 2014

Reign XIV May 2014—November 2014

Reign XV November 2014—May 2015

Reign XVI May 2015—November 2015

Reign XVII November 2015—May 2016

Reign XVIII May 2016—November 2016

Reign XIX November 2016—May 2017

Reign XX May 2017—November 2017

Reign XXI November 2017—May 2018

Reign XXII May 2018—November 2018

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