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It is with the agreement of the prime minister that I (Bai Hu - Monarch) am suspending the player known as Wulfric (Kyle Fullwood) for a term of one year ending August 4 2019, with an additional probationary period beyond that prohibiting his presence at amtgard social activities outside of regular park days ending August 4th 2020. This suspension is for infraction of the Code of Conduct parts 3 and 6 and as such invokes inter kingdom consequences. Any inquiries on this matter can be directed to me.

Update August 19, 2018 by Bai Hu:
In light of new evidence of additional infractions, it is with the agreement of the prime minister that I am suspending the player known as Wulfric ( Kyle Fullwood ) indefinitely.

Sucker of Corn Wulfric Lightning Fullmast, of Clouds Edge, Dragonspine

”The Sea Waits For None”


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Originating from Fernandina Beach, Florida, Wulfric worked for a lifepoint L.A.R.P. at the age of 16. He moved to Arizona where there was no active larp, or active in the nearby area. Finally arriving in Silver City, New Mexico Wulfric was invited to the local amtgard group Clouds Edge.

Persona Information

Born of Sea and Lightning, Wulfric is the son of Aesir, Aegir, and Vanir, Thor. As gods often do they left him to be raised by mortals. Raised in the Catholic Church and forced away from the Norse gods his power is severely weakened to the state of a normal Fae. Fighting to regain his ability to speak with the old Norse gods he struggles to retain his religious ways while also searching for something that is condemned by them.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

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