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Lord Squire Wave Dumah of Crystal Groves


Real Name: Jerry Virtz

Children: Christopher, Alexander, Zachary

Jerry started Amtgard in 2001 joining the Barony of Crystal Grove in Hagerstown Md after being invited by two friends. Jerry started like many as an Assassin Vampire named Boog until switching over to a Barbarian. After a few tournaments, some notices his odd fighting style and he was dubbed Wave. After accepting the name, Jerry tagged him-self with the Dumah last name. After 7 months of Amtgard, he was Belted to Lady Angela Mastersinger as Man at Arms and won Champion of Crystal Groves. After Wave's year of champion, the fighting ended up taking a back seat. Wave ended up diving head first into the service aspect of Amtgard. Throughout the years Wave has gone through many changes to his character and life. From Roleplaying over 20 characters at once on the list to just trying to shake the name giving to him because of his original combat nature. After year term as Champion, he took a 6 month break before returning. Throughout the years, Wave has jumped in at events, at the field and with different groups trying to do what he can and find a home for him-self.


Wave started playing a Vampire Assassin like so many new players to the game but never really found a class that he wanted to dive into. Jumping around from Assassin, to barbarian, to warrior, to Healer, he finally settled in to playing a single class for an extended period of time.

Currently 6th level Healer, and only recently receiving his Master Healer.

Currently 6th level Assassin


Wave does work with Cystic Fibrosis, Toys for Tots and ADA. A main event that he works with each year is the Great Strides Walk-o-thon for Cystic Fibrosis. Working with The Banded Blade Fighting Company and Crystal Groves, there was a total of $1097 raised in 2008 for CFF and over $200 for ADA.

In 2009 Wave has continued with his charity support with an additional donation of $485 to the Cystic Fibrosis and $100 towards ADA.

Affiliated Groups

Wave was asked to join the Falling Stars Mythril Host after 6 months of being in Amtgard. With a short lived company membership, Wave had left after disagreements in fighting tactics.

Shortly after, Garth requested that Wave join as a petitioner to the Wardancers. Sometime later, differences in opinions had lead him away from the company.

In recent years, Wave had decided that the companies that he has seen, wasn't right for him. Hearing about a fighting company that members of his household once formed, he looked into their history and sought out permissions to reform the fighting company. The Banded Blade was formed, with Wave as the Commander. Sporting the household colors and a similar crest he starting looking for a few members to begin it's growth.

Recently the Fighting Company had broken away from House Black Band and has begun working on developing their own Household.

Belted Family

Originally Belted to Lady Angela Mastersinger, he and Lady Angela decided that the best path for him was to not be belted any longer. Years later, at GE, Sir Balthazaar requested him to be belted under him. After agreeing, Wave held his belt for a couple years before knowledge of Sir Balthazar's inactive status turning him to leave the family and be picked up as Man-at-Arms by Sir Roland Von Wynterhawk. Recently, at FOF 09 Wave was upgraded to Squire.

Notable Accomplishments


  • Lordship - Given by The Monarch of the Kingdom of Goldenvale, September 2003


  • Champion of Crystal Groves, July 2003 - December 2003
  • Champion of Crystal Groves, January 2003 - June 2003
  • Regent of Crystal Groves, July 2009 - December 2009


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