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The Pink Tyrant, of Siar Geata, Westmarch

AKA Darth Continent

”Dadadadada!” -- Daddy wins!

"Man candy!" -- I win! In a fire, die you shall!

"You're mean." -- to whichever parent is telling her to go to bed at the time.


(PS: that date is horribly wrong. She was BORN in 07)


Born to Lucas and Eve El Wyfe on 12/18/07. There's really not much to tell. Yet.

Vincenza has been granted two titles by her father, Lucas. "Her Royal Pinkness", and "The Pink Tyrant". These titles are applied to her depending on her mood at the moment:

  • =) : Her Royal Pinkness
  • =( : The Pink Tyrant

"HRP" has fallen to disuse, particularly in the wake of that whole "teething" thing. Yikes.

She squeals particularly loudly when you raspberry her bare armpits. Mwahaha!

At Darkshore 2008, she acquired several new devotees, including Sirs Clalibus of Henceforth and Lief Mcpayne, and Warlord Thedro... The latter went so far as to offer her some of his beer. Unprecedented! Her "feed me" command met with some success when applied to Lief.

evil Randy addresses her as "My Queen", and does pretty much whatever she tells him to do. Or at least whatever the voices in his head can come up with.

Her expansionist ways continued at Darkshore 2009, adding many new minions to her growing army, prominent among them is Taly's mother, who was quite smitten.

Affiliated Groups

Servants Of Squee

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Big sister to Lucian, 1/10/11.
  • Cutest Baby Evar.
  • Developed evil mind control powers to compel other family members to do her bidding. Her commands currently consist of "feed me", "hold me", and "wipe my ass", but are expected to grow in number and complexity over time as she masters her abilities.
    • She has recently added new commands, "give me that" and "sit me up", though the former only functions sporadically.
      • "Sit me up" has fallen into disuse as she has progressed well beyond the point of needing the assistance of we feeble mortals for such trivia.
    • "Put me down so I can walk on my own".
    • Evil Mind Control is particularly effective on evil Randy. You have been warned.
  • That whole "walking" thing, including standing up unassisted.

Additional Images


  • Here we see the fires of evil burning within her insidiously cute outer shell.


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