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Man-at-Arms Saja Tappava, of Red Storm, Emerald Hills

”The J is pronounced as a Y, as in WHY DO YOU KEEP MESSING UP MY NAME!”

Saja Tappava after Clan 2015.jpg

Saja (AKA Soda, for the faded lettering on her Man-at-Arms belt) first started in Amtgard in 2007 with Maccalus Caerwent Ex. She became inactive for a few years before starting back up in 2014. She is regarded as an amateur bard, and is under the guidance of many peers, most notably, Dark Tigger, who belted her as his Man-at-Arms.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the defunct household Guild of the Sacred Rose
Member of House Singollo
Member of Clan Blackmaw

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

Is becoming accomplished at creating intricate paracord and macrame belts, of her own design.
Creating a shop to sell merchandise.

Additional Images

Saja Tappava in Riverstone.jpg

With Axident Zantetsu and Reddrick.jpg

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