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Squire Black Rabbit of the Duchy of Darkmoon, Empire of the Iron Mountains

Black Rabbit
Also a big fan of ballgowns


"Let’s borrow a cow.”

“You do you, Glen Coco.”



A cross-gamer hailing from California, Black Rabbit got her start in Amtgard at Bremen’s Fortress of the Kingdom of Westmarch in January 2015. It wasn’t until she moved to Colorado Springs in 2018 and became a part the Duchy of Darkmoon of the Iron Mountains that she became much more involved in the sport. As a Squire in Belegarth and now excited to be an active participant in Amtgard, she bears a profound love for the fighting community as a whole and the amazing people she has met through her adventures. As an experienced medical professional, she also likes to help others and serve as a volunteer medic whenever possible. Described as kind, ambitious, energetic, and perhaps a bit feisty by her peers, Black Rabbit hopes to one day broaden her medical endeavors into the sport and definitely make more friends along the way.

Affiliated Groups

Bellator Adamas

Belted Family

Sir Thorn Crossbearer - (Crown)

Positions Held

Imperial Prime Minister of the Empire of the Iron Mountains, Winter Reign 2019

Prime Minister of the Duchy of Darkmoon, Summer Reign 2018

Notable Accomplishments

Became a full member of Bellator Adamas, Rakis 2019

Squired to Sir Viadra Moonblade, Rakis 2019

Placed Fourth in Best of the Best at Rakis 2019

Placed Third in Empire of the Iron Mountains Dragon Master (8/18/2018)

Received Best in Show at Darkmoon Crown Quals (4/14/2018)

Additional Images

Black Rabbit Back.jpeg
Black Rabbit Practice Day.jpeg


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