Umbra Victus

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Umbra Victus

”From the Shadows...”
"Prosapia, Veneratio, Aequitas" - "Family, Honor, Justice"



-Grey for our neutrality in all things. Be they court, fighting, alliances, or aid to our kingdoms. We give without shame. We serve without shame, we craft without shame. We fight without shame. All things are the same in our hands. From defending our homes, to the simplest of things.

-Black for our home. The shadows. Whenever you think you're safe? You will find us. Should they be wicked men or women about, ours is the task to bring them to bear. Should they hide behind shields, or armor, or even corporas.. ours is the task to bring them to bear.

-Red for the blood we shed. If ours, or our enemies. When we fight, we fight without reserve. We crush those who oppose us, or our kingdoms. When we serve, we serve until we 'bleed', for our blood is no better than any other man in our lands. When we craft? We craft till we bleed, for our crafts are the greatest in what we do. When we play our hands in politics? We do so until we 'bleed, for our sweat is our blood, and our blood is for our kingdoms.

Our founding ideas

-We bear no titles, nor shall we have any (all members are equal)

-We stand in circles to better see our family (A pledge circle to talk to people who want to be a part of us)

-Our blood is not for sale (We choose to do what we choose to. No one else orders us)


Founding Members:
Jynx Mercades
Elizabeth Mercades
FalQuinn Tannon

Current Full Members:
Hitorimono (Active)
Elizabeth Mercades (Inactive)
Eliessi Elithrandil (Active)
Brack Tul (Inactive)
Veneficus Tenebrus (Inactive)
Angrist Galvorn (Inactive)

Current Prospect Members:
FalQuinn Tannon

On January 27, 2015, Umbra Victus was disbanded by vote of the two remaining active members. This was determined by vote of the two remaining active members.