Tribe of the Wild Blood

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We drink, we fight, we die, we repeat!



A household dedicated to the joy and tribute of a barbarian way of life and celebration.


Have fun; The Tribe is, at it's core, all about having fun, and making sure that no matter what politics may come and go, the joy of swinging foam on a sunny afternoon isn't lost.

Flurb it up; Te become a member, one needs to illustrate that they have the wild heart. This is best shown in the persona, only the loud, the unrestrained, and often, the jolly, are offically inducted in. (Also, a class requirement of Barbarian, or other mitigating circumstances, case-by-case)

The care and feeding of newbs; Stone One of the founders of the Tribe, once put it as thus,

"When I think of what we consider 'Barbarian', two races come to mind, Vikings, and Native Americans. With Vikings, they had a tradition called ring-giving, in which a Viking lord would give gold rings off his arm to the men who fought under him. As for Native Americans, the steryotypical generosity is well-known through the story of the first thanksgiving. This is a fine tradition, one I should like to uphold now."

The Tribe happily welcomes non-members to their meetings, offering their skills, and some extra material to the training of others.

Advancing ourselves, in terms of arms, and craft; In building, testing, and offering open ideas, the Tribe works to elevate the skills of their members, by practicing fighting during meetings, and designing and making new works.

Tribe Meetings

Tribe meetings are, on average, once a month. Normally at either Stone's or Baernoir's respective homes. During these meetings, the typical board of fare is; Meat, mead, ale, beer, bread, cheese, apples, meat. Normally, the Tribe works on their respective projects, while movies play, normally movies appropriate for such wild company.


The Tribe has a council at it's peak, with Stone, Baernoir, and Drenth currently serving. Large decisions, concerning recruitment, meetings, and other goals of the house, are always conferred with.



Currently, there are some individual allies, and one Household;

Clan MacAbee Ghost Task

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