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”Leading by example on the path to excellence”

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Fighting Company based in the East Coast, primarily in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. This Company is based on excellence, on the field of battle, in the political arena, in serving the dream that is amtgard, and being the best in arts and sciences, we give the best, so we expect the best. We lead by example and we hold each other to a higher caliber, we promote unity, strength, acceptance, and the might of the will. If you are prepared to be more than you are, welcome and prepare to journey with us.....Your Captains are: Pharoah(Moe), Shiva(Miranda), and Emaleth(Patty)

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Notable Accomplishments

Order of the Flame awarded to TOWER June 26, 2016

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  • Company Website
  • Contact mail to: for more information.

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