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Viscount Sir Terwin, of Barad Duin, HFS

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Terwin joined Barad Duin shortly after it broke off to form HFS in 1990. Is currently the longest continuously active member of HFS (17 years as of the summer of 2007). He makes infrequent visits to Amtgard activities, mostly HFS only.

6th level in 9 of the 11 'basic' classes, excluding Warrior(4th) and Barbarian(0 weeks)

Also 6th in Necromancer and Troll nonstandard/monster classes

Received two 'bumps' in noble title for service to the kingdom of Barad Duin (the second at the same time as Masterhood of the Rose), the third bump came after holding the Chancellors office in [Barad Duin]


Terwin is primarily a spell-caster, somewhat absent minded, and usually has his mind elsewhere(often quite literally). After giving the Sylven Glade a 25 hour day proved insufficient for completing all the tasks scheduled for any given day, Terwin started building constructs to replicate his physical presence and allow more to be done at any given time. These constructs are all but indistinguishable from the original, and as they share both communal memory and identical thought processes with the original, it is safest to just refer to them all as 'Terwin'. There are currently 14 duplicates, but there are currently laws in some HFS kingdoms forbidding more than one or two to gather in the same place(individually, they act as weirdness magnets, and when grouped together, that effect is greatly magnified).

The Sylven Glade was constructed in a pocket dimension after a quick survey revealed that most of the lands near the capitol city had already been claimed.

Notable features include:

  • The Primary and only town: The Sylven Glade which houses both the Worshop, and, on the far side of town, the Healers collegium (also known as the exit to the workshop).
  • The Workshop is where things that are considered 'dangerous' must be researched. 'Dangerous' is usually defined as "is it possible for this to alter or destroy reality on a large scale." Despite the precautions taken in and around the Workshop, the Sylven Glade has been evacuated to a 'backup' site more than half a dozen times, most of these are attributed to Terwin's own activities, but one was confirmed to have been the result of the senior thesis of a very bright young student who was given special recognition at his graduation ceremony.

In spite of Terwin's frequent offers to assist in any problems that the kingdom might be facing, he is often burdened with unreasonable limitations such as 'nothing that requires re-building a town' or 'nothing that leaves a crater more than 10 feet wide'

Terwin is also not currently allowed to bring any 'toys' out of the Sylven Glade without specific and explicit permission from both the Monarch and Chancellor for each one.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • Squired to Sir Aurthur Blackstar
  • Knighted by Sir Sinjen (surprise addition to the Knighting of Sir Kai)
  • No Squires to date

Notable Accomplishments

  • Viscount
  • Knight of the Falcon(Service)
  • Master of the Wand
  • Master of the Rose
  • Defender of the Realm
  • Most Grim and feared Presence (current Champion of BD as of 11-07)
  • Keeper of the Warm Fuzzies (ferrets)
  • Keeper of the Sylven Glade (Lands)

Additional Images

A couple action shots form Challain(HFS, Plano): 342e262c.jpg


More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website