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A Squirrel, of Wyvern's Spur, Westmarch

”Squeak!” - A Squirrel


A squirrel rescued from his dog by author Neil Gaiman


Nominated in May of 2011 when no-one was available, able, or willing to run for a couple offices in the Barony.

"I think I'll nominate a squirrel as Baron. Maybe that one over there - crap. An owl just ate our potential Baron." - Prime Minister Lord Azus

"Based on preliminary studies on Berkeley campus, most of the squirrels are smarter than the students. I second their nomination. - WaA Quinn Siofra

Excerpts below are from a journal kept by the Prime Ministers for Spring 2012

-1/15 lost sign in sheet. The current PM needs to be replaced with a squirrel.

-1/29 no signin sheet. The Squirrel as a PM isn’t working too well.

-2/26 The squirrel has trouble with a printer. Who woulda thunk it?

-3/11 The squirrel received massive papercuts from the printer paper. Foul play is suspected. We are questioning the eagles.

-3/18 Visitors from TR for a newspaper article. The reporter no showed. I suspect the eagles gave her life threatening paper cuts as well.

-3/25 Cancelled. The feud between the eagles and squirrels is becoming dangerous to humans.

-4/1 Cancelled. The squirrels no longer exist in a living form. They do exist, in some other form. A rather messy form.

-4/8 Cancelled. We have fears that the eagles will find foam edible, as well as those who wield foam.

-4/15 no sign in sheet. Azus only appeared at the field. Scouting shows that the Eagles captured the Easter Bunny, ate him, and choked to death on the bones. Talk to Dead had to be used to confirm this. Nuts to anyone who says this is a useless spell.

-5/13 no sign in sheet. The PM is now looking at chipmunks as a replacement.

As of December 2012, the Squirrels of Wyvern's Spur are rumored to have returned in force. They are now believed to inhabit three of the park's crown offices.

Affiliated Groups

Trees, bushes, and suicide dashes across roads.

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

You know. It's silly to list the offices. The squirrels are always in office, running the show. Bow down to your squirrel overlords

  • Have been known to eat concrete for breakfast.