Sideline activities

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For people who aren't out on the battlefield (also called colors), there are a number of activities that might make up their days at park. Examples of such non-fighting activities are listed below:

When listing activites below, be sure to include

  • a description of activity
  • suggested/optimal number of participants
  • supply list
  • common substitutions or variances


  • Macrame, a cord-tying art that is often used in Amtgard to make belts and sashes.
  • Embroidery, such as needlepoint, that is used at garb embellishments or as art on its own.
  • Chess, or checkers, both common two-player games of strategy that are easy to learn and setup.
  • Reading, everything from novels to magazines to the Amtgard rulebook.
  • Childcare, watching over your own or other people's children.
  • Leadership, making decisions and formulating plans that help to keep the park alive.