Serpent Boot Camp

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Below is the email release by Azmandius on June 11th 2008.

I will be working with several people to set up a Serpent Boot Camp targeted to occur in early August 2009. This event will be held in the central Indiana area. I am working on cost and location now and will post that once I have more solid information. Note that the time period may change, but this is the target.

The classes will be structured to give the instructor time to realistically teach the basics their art. For some one hour will be enough - others may require four. That is correct – classes with enough time for you to learn and attempt the skill yourself.

Be warned that some of the classes may carry a material fee. You cannot expect an instructor to absorb the price for his students making their own leather belts, forged knives, etc… we will try to keep this to a minimum and will have fund raisers to help defer the costs. More info will be posted as the classes are confirmed.

Class sizes will be restricted as requested by the instructor. A class that is mainly discussion and demonstration may accommodate a large student base where as a class requiring tools or specialty equipment will be restricted by their availability.

At this time I would like those who are interested in teaching or planning this event to contact me. Don’t be surprised if you receive a call from me soon if you do not contact me first.

Now to answer a few questions:

Q: Why wait until 2009?

A: Giving a year for planning, advertising, and fund raising will not only help provide for a larger turnout but also give the instructors time to create a class plan, gather required materials, and plan transportation.

Q: Why not call it Serpent Knight Boot Camp?

A: For three reasons: 1) I am currently the primary organizer and I am not a serpent knight; 2) while I will do my best to coax as many knights to teach as possible I do not want to restrict, in name or action, this event to just knights. There are so many arts and sciences that I could easily see a non-serpent knight teach the basics of subject; 3) Using Serpent Boot Camp will keep the initials from being SKBC, which is already in use.

Q: Will this be a traveling event just like SKBC?

A: At this time it is uncertain. I think it may be a good idea to hold this first SBC and use the lessons learned from it to possibly hold several in different locations in 2010 that will draw upon regional as well as imported artisans. This is a question that will have to be revisited after the first SBC is in the books.