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Guild Master of Chefs Veteris DragooN, of Siar Geata, Westmarch, Dragonspine

”Mead makes babies more tender.”



"Veteris DragooN", Sam (his real name) is a graduate of the quasi local La Cordon Bleu school in Pasadena. If you ever get the chance to try some of his cooking, don't let it pass you by.

The Long Road

Veteris joined amtgard in late 2004 after attending faire with another member of amtgard. The following faire Veteris was commissioned to make a database of the past and present attendees of the faire for future reference, although this never actually happened as he is a lazy ass. Following faire was when Veteris started to attend the weekly meetings on a regular basis. The local team in 2005 was Lucas, Silvera, Kat, and Penn Quinn. After 6 months our numbers rose to include Angel, Pandara, Tony, and Rickie.


Veteris took a long hiatus in late summer 2006. In that time the group grew to 10+, Rangor, Temier, Scoot, and Milan had joined the group and the weekends seemed to have enough people to play games. Shortly before faire Sam managed to get his ass in gear and rejoin the group.


The first fair Veteris prepared feast was in fall of 2005. He found a cheap brisket and bought a 200 dollar range grill. He thought it would be nice for the 5-8 people who showed up. He didn't expect any repayment and was content with a thank you. It turned out to be an overwhelming success and from that point on Veteris has taken to making brisket for Siar Geata at every feast. In late 2007 Veteris was coaxed into going to culinary school by the well wishers of his cooking. After the previous 2 faire feasts topped 20+ at the table.

While attending school Veteris still made time to come down and cook brisket for both faires. The first in spring 2008 being 28 people fed and the last faire attended being around 35.

The Future

Veteris has a lot planned for Siar Geata, As well as a lot planned for his future feasts. I hope you all stick around and find out what they are.

Affiliated Groups

"Hell hath no fury like the power of the franken-bow".

Belted Family

  • Nothin Yet

Notable Accomplishments

  • Brought a fire pit to an event that caught fire. One of those black paint & metal deals, the manufacturer made a rather poor choice in paints. Wow.
  • Former PM of Siar Geata. He stepped down from office in order to go to the aforementioned cooking academy.
  • Appointed Guild Master of Chefs for Siar Geata, multiple terms.
  • Officially graduated Le Cordon Blue on November 7th 2008.
  • Amassing a stack of Dragons for his cooking.

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From left to right: Angel, Pandara, Sam, Scoot.

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